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What our users do with our products says more about them than we ever could. That's why we're proud to share their stories and examples of their work on our website and in our communities. We're also inspired by the talent we see in the entries to our design contests, and the passion reflected in all the photos, videos and digital art our customers share online.

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A faster and easier way to work with video With new 64-bit power that delivers more speed, more quality and superior performance across the board, working with video just got a whole lot faster! Use the new FastFlick™ to quickly assemble videos and slideshows in 3 easy steps, or work from an Instant Project template to make great-looking videos fast. Edit in Full HD and render more tracks in less time with dramatically improved multi-track performance. Fast, responsive video editing that's easier than ever! and : ---------------------------------------- cut here ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- cut here ---------------------------------------- For more documentation and examples, go here: http://cj.ringrevenue.com/help/data_feed?ht=49770-2-1171-1309370616-7776000_3c9be1ddacb6db9bac7e>